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New Web Site

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Tire Repair Philadelphia pa 215-464-8200

Tire Repair Philadelphia pa

Wheel Basics

Rim Diameter

The size of the wheel as measured across its center.

Rim Width

The width of the wheel as measured across its barrel from the front rim to the rear rim.

Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern indicates the arrangement of lug holes and consists of two elements: the number of bolts, or lugs, and the distance between them across the center of the wheel (in millimeters).


The offset of a wheel is what locates the tire and wheel assembly in relation to the suspension. More specifically, it is the measured distance between the hub mounting surface and the centerline of the rim. It can be either positive or negative, and is typically measured in millimeters.

Additional Services: at eppie’s tires

Additional Services: at eppie’s tires

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Used Tires Philadelphia

Used Tires Philadelphia

Due to  Eppies Tire’s strong purchasing volume-power we are able to supply complete range of sizes, New Tires & Used Tires,

Your New & Used Discount Tire shop in philadelphia


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